Shhhh! Special surprises that the bride and groom don’t even know about!!

A brides room and a grooms room with lots of mirrors that is big enough to accommodate the entire wedding party - not just a few.

Ceremony - We have 4 options for on site, or we will go to another location such as Lincoln Park  Gazebo and provide coordinating music and decorating.

Coordinating of the entire event to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Top 10 services not offered anywhere in our area… And ours are included.

Uplighting, dance club style lighting, chair covers, centerpieces - all of those little extras is what makes the BIG difference!

With your pictures, we create a special one of a kind slide show to play on our T.V. screens for all of your guests to enjoy.

a venue for all occasions

Smoking section it is a covered fenced in outdoor space with lots of tables and comfortable seating.

D.J. service - We have 2 DJ’s with combined 30 years of experience.

Shuttle: Don’t worry about out of town guests getting back to their hotel after a night of celebrating.

Specialty Bride and Groom drinks, created for each couple specifically.